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Cambodia – where to go! 

Oh Cambodia, we love you. Mostly because you have the friendliest inhabitants I’ve ever met! Warm smiles and hearts of gold. 

 Rabbit Island 

This place is so underrated! It’s the most magical place I’ve ever been, maybe because we spent night after night swimming with luminous plankton. They made it look like the water was full of stars. I’ve never seen anything like it! But I can’t wait to see it again! 

 Think paradise. You’ve got it. Amazing fresh sea food restaurant, so much so it made me like crab. (which I’ve always hated! Pretty cool how we watched the waiter take it off a boat to go and give it to the chef!) Mouthgasms is the only way to describe it. (Although that reminds me of a hideous time when I worked in hospitality, when a lady actually moaned sexually after every mouthful. Eurgh. Nightmares.) Best food we’ve had so far in Asia (Apart from Thai laab, nothing can compare to those flavours. Although Laos laab is just not the same, by the same I mean it’s awful. Don’t buy it!) Anyways, back to my favourite place. Just imagine relaxing on the beach all day in hammocks, whilst being fed orgasms and spending the nights in sea magic. Perfection is not a strong enough word! 

Mondulkiri – The elephant valley project. 

Imagine spending your days watching elephants live happily, bathing, eating and by being elephants not much more! Knowing that these animals used to be beaten day in and day out, they were tortured (not all but some horrifically) and now live in peace. Peace that you can be a part of. Peace that you can appreciate after you hear their heartbreaking stories. Plus you even get to meet a famous elephant! 

 The highlight for me was being able to perform a health check on an elephant that has an eating disorder. Not many people can say they’ve done that now can they? 

You get to learn how to read elephants, like have they been ridden excessively, are they sick, are they happy? You get to understand them! You also get to chop down banana trees to feed them, thats pretty fun, I’m not going to lie! 

 You live in the jungle close to them so it’s like they are in the wild yet getting the great care that they need! And you also get to volunteer by building and such to improve the project. (Not skilled things as they employ people to do those, so you really make a real help doing things suitable to your skill level!) Its just fantastic, you have to go! I couldn’t recommend it more! 

Phnom Penh 

Although the pollution and all things similar put you off, take a day in it. You won’t regret it. Go to the killing fields and S21. It will break your heart. It really will. But it will open your eyes and help you understand the country you are in. I won’t tell you more apart from be prepared to hear and see some horrendous things. If you don’t know what to expect, imagine aushvitesz. 


This place again isn’t on the map. We went to see the lake which is made from an volcanic crater, pretty cool huh! The lake glistens. The locals glisten, they were the nicest Cambodians I have met! Yet be respectful please, cover your bodies! There are signs which westerners ignore saying no bikinis. Please cover up, the locals go in fully clothed and as this is a very spiritual place you should follow their lead! You’ll have lots of fun, believe me! 


Why you’re stupid for not taking malaria tablets! 

One thing really bothers me. Travellers who don’t take malaria tablets. Especially the ones who try and make out your stupid in taking them. 

 Let’s just clear this up, I’ve had malaria and it was horrible. Why would you not want to try and prevent something that could potentially kill you. 

  Having Malaria honestly felt like I was dying. I had fevers, hot and cold sweats, I was full of sickness and diarrhoea. I had a sore throat , headache and my stomach killed. The worst thing was having no energy, not even enough to walk a metre to the bathroom. Imaging inflicting that upon yourself? Sounds stupid doesn’t it, but that’s how I feel when you say you don’t take the tablets. 

 I’ve heard some funny stories from people who are clearly so uneducated. “If I was in Africa I would take them, but not Asia” Um why not? Malaria still kills in Asia so what difference does a continent make? “Oh it give you nightmares so I don’t want to try them” Yes certain ones do, (stay away from Larium) but everyone has different side effects. Would you really risk your life for the sake of nightmares? (I’ve taken doxycycline and Malarone and suffered from no nightmares!) 

“They’re not worth the money!” Ok so you would pay hundreds on the rest of your jabs, but because they are only in tablet form they are not worth it? 

 I just don’t understand it. Yes ok, I was taking the best malaria tablets possible (Malarone) which cost me over £300 for 3 months and within two weeks I had Malaria. I was just unlucky, about 0.01% of the population that happens to. Yet I believe they kept my symptoms down. Many people die within 24hours of having the disease. It had been 36hours until my coordinator (I was volunteering) thought I was ill enough to go to the hospital. How lucky was I? 

But maybe instances like mine make you think the tablets aren’t worth it. But they are. I wouldn’t wish the pain I suffered on anyone and I was one of the lucky ones. 

If you’re not taking them I hope you’ve thought clearly about the risks you are taking. Maybe you will only see where I’m coming from when you’ve been in this life or death situation.