From the girl who stole him and your heart at the same time.

I’m sorry to you from the bottom of my heart,
I never wanted to be the reason why you were torn apart,
It wasn’t my choice for him to depart,
Although I take the blame, sweetheart.

Firstly I’d like to apologise to you,
As I cant deny I knew he was going out with you,
The day I met him and fell in love as our conversation flew,
I couldn’t help myself but think he’s the future id love to pursue.

Please don’t ever think he was unfaithful,
Because we both thought that behaviour was disgraceful,
Even though falling in love with me whilst he was with you was shameful,
We tried, but you cant deny something that is fateful.

Him and I became best friends before lovers,
Lovers after the truth was uncovered,
I promise before then we never laid a hand on each other,
I apologise because this truth you may have only now discovered.

I’m sorry if you assumed he was going behind your back,
We were friends and tried to work out ways for you both to stay intact,
We even cut ties at one point because we couldn’t detract,
Our minds from growing fondly attached.

He told me your relationship was like a childhood romance,
But I never asked how you felt about him, I never gave you the chance,
If you loved him, I wish id have known in advance,
Before loading you with this devastating circumstance.

I hate myself for hurting the innocent girl you were,
I made you grow up because of the fate that occurred,
If there could’ve been a different outcome, that I would prefer,
But a love so strong is impossible to deter.

When I see you now you slyly stare at me,
I know what you are doing, comparing our qualities,
Your battling with the demons, why her, not me,
Don’t ever put yourself down, you were just not meant to be.

I never want you to feel less than perfect,
One day you will be happy, in retrospect,
When you meet someone in which you reflect,
You will realise how you two just weren’t correct.

Please know we waited months after you, before we came official,
Even though we wanted to be together we thought it was uncivil.
We knew the rest of our lives would be blissful,
If only we didn’t have to hurt you in the process, oh how wishful.

But we know you knew about us anyway,
Because a love like this is hard to downplay,
Our eyes were the things that gave us away,
But for you, it wasn’t until months later we put it on public display.

Please know that I will never forgive either of us for what we put you through.
But please also remember falling in love is not a choice.

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