Tribes Man

I’m a tribes man born and raised,
Please don't tell me how to spend my days! 
Coming in with your western views,
Don't Because that's not the life I choose. 

I'm a man I was raised to hunt, 
But your killing my culture to be blunt. 
Taking the animals away from us, 
Trying to make our lives adjust. 
To be more like you, 
Can't you see we don't want to!
I know you think it's wrong what we do, 
But to be fair it's not up to you! 
You're coming on to my land,
Taking what you want can,
Don't you see the effects it has on my clan! 
You're leaving us with nothing to do, 
So you think we should bow down to you!
Take the jobs you've created, 
With our land which you've updated! 
Which basically means you turned into a tourist trap, 
Selling us with the gift wrap!
We've turned into circus men, 
People paying to see us as and when!
You telling us to perform our traditions, 
In order to get commission,
We no longer do it for us, 
We do it for the shuttle bus!
Can't you see, 
You're the one who did this to me? 

You're the one that's turned my clan to alcohol,
You're the one that's turned my clan to money, 
You're the one whose destroyed our traditions, 
You're the ones who've destroyed our visions. 

Why can't you see that your not superior, 
We're not inferior,
We're just different from you, 
And taking that away from us is not up to you. 
We don't want to be the same as the rest of the world, please try and not making us unfurl. 

I cant speak for everyone as we see westerners as rich, 
Many people would love to switch!
Have food on the table and water at their beck and call, 
But those people they don't speak for us all. 

Why don't you ask us what we desire, 
Instead of changing us and giving us what you think we require. 
You're not us, you've never actually lived like us,
So how do you know what works for us and what needs to adjust? 
Lack of communication and lack of consideration, too much dictation and not enough beneficial donation, which would form the foundation, we would get to keep our location with a bit of negotiation and less adaptation equals less agitation. Maybe we need some more education and sanitation but with our invitation , and your observation by living in this  population we can come to transformation that suits everyone and we will be a happy African nation!

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