I can't believe in Haiti they eat dirt cookies, 
But have you heard that on the news or in the latest movies? 
Those people are relying on the rain,
To help grow their grain, 
When we're just wasting water,
Without a second thought.
If the harvest fails, 
You'll ignore their wails, 
Too far away to care,
How an earths that fair?
We all have human rights, 
So why don't westerners put up fights? 
We are capable of helping where we can, 
I don't get why some people don't want to lend a hand? 
I know the worlds corrupt, 
But why don't we stand up? 
We can make a difference, 

If the destruction of this was truly displayed,
It would make everyone hopefully want to provide aid,
I know most of you think you’ll be betrayed, 
Your money will never make it, so you’re afraid. 
But what if we give it to trust worthy people, 
One’s who are proved not to be deceitful, 
Surely they aren't too hard to find,
We just need to spend some time. 
Take some time out of our selfish lives, 
A minute could make someone survive. 
Even if you have little you have something to give, 
Old clothes, utensils anything that can help them live. 
Money doesn't have to be the sole vision, 
Its up to you what you give, its completely your decision. 

I’m someone who has experienced it first hand, 
I’ve visited these place I've spent money and planned, 
Gone to see what these people really need, 
And it just highlighted westerners greed. 
Theres people in the world who have nothing, 
Yet I’ve found them to be the most loving!
The most hospitable and happy people, 
I just wish they could have the same opportunities, I wish it was equal. 
Im not saying people in my native land aren't needing help too, 
But they’ve got the strength of others to helpfully pull through.
Some people tell me to help my own before helping others, 
But a lot of people here can help themselves, or have help from brothers. 
Theres organisations, shelters and soup kitchens, 
They might not help them all but at least thats there missions.
I’m talking about communities, villages all dying, 
Not individuals, people who were ignoring, were not even trying. 
As a country what do we do? 
Not enough or we could help them through. 

Please join me on this conquest, 
Thrive and make helping people a contest. 
We love challenges in this society, 
Why not add aid in to the picture to get some more variety.
An equal world where people no longer feel hunger pains,
and don't have to pray for the rains. 
Lets unite,
Become one. 

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