Child Soldier

They've put a gun in his hand,
Telling him to fight for his land.
Killing people on demand,
And the pain he has to withstand. 

He's only a fourteen,
He’s already haunted by the sights that he's seen,
The destruction he's caused with this mighty machine,
The fact he's made to do this to me seems obscene. 

Tell me how's it right?
Tell me how's it fair? 
Making a child fight for your warfare

Tell me why its easier to get guns than water?
I see that little girl digging for hours in the well, please don't tell me she is your daughter?
Bringing in the necessities whilst you go out and slaughter,
Is this really the life you wish you could've taught her?

But yet, all of you men have guns in hand, 
Tell me how you get those on demand,
Whilst theres not even enough food to stop hunger in your land?
Your family dying in front of you first hand. 

Yet in the eye of the beholders,
You’ve made your little boys into soldiers?

Tell me how's it right?
Tell me how's it fair? 
Making a child fight for your warfare!

He's growing up with your views,
The ones telling him that he can't lose.
He's got to take these lives,
In order to survive,
His childhood robbed from underneath his eyes.

It’s gone too far now he will never recover, 
The child he used to be he will never rediscover, 
Although he's content now with his surrogate mother, 
What happened to his real family, where is his brother?

He no longer feels like he fits in with society, 
Everything he's been through its given him bad anxiety,
He replays the horrors in his head thats why he sits so silently,
How can he live a normal life after he's acted so violently. 

Holding a gun became the norm, 
He’s covered with blood of lives he's torn,
Haunted with visions of people he’s made mourn,
Feels life would've been better if he had never been born.

You can try and help him all you like,
But you weren't the one who was made to fight, 
You don't understand what he's been thought quite, 
As he doesn't see a touch of humanity in himself in sight. 

He lost everything, everything he knew,
Was brainwashed into something new,
He’s got a lot on his back he has to carry through, 
No where in sight where he can escape to.


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