Why I would love to be vegetarian but couldn’t. 

👣The thought of being a carnivore really is just mean, we are one species eating another, ending a life and really what gives us a right? But it’s something we’ve grown up doing. We’re accustomed to it and I really think I couldn’t give it up.

  I’ve been in Asia for around 6 months now and tried to be a vegetarian, for the simple fact of food poisoning. But within a few hours I’m craving my next meat dish. Chicken I’ve stayed away from, it seems to be every time I eat it I get ill, but when I have eaten it the taste hasn’t made my taste buds ooze! So why do I go back? (Also don’t get me started on being vegan in Asia. Every dish is served with egg and there’s snakes, everywhere! If you were bitten and about to die would you seriously not take the anti venom? I know you would!) 

  I’ve managed to sit through and help with animal sacrifices as I believe if I eat meat I should be able to see the process, but it hasn’t always been easy. There was a time in Kenya where I watched a sheep being suffocated, that to me seemed awful. Why couldn’t they just give it a quick death? I watched the life fall from its eyes and sat through watching its pain of losing the battle. That evening, as it was a wedding celebration I was sat in a room full of traditional Maasai who sucked the bones of the animal dry. I sat there picturing the poor sheep from earlier and struggled. I had to eat it, otherwise I would be shunned by the women. I couldn’t stand the thought of being rude and not accepted so I just had to hold my disgust in and imagine anything apart from what I had just witnessed. But then it makes me question why are we doing this to poor little animals. Why are we ending a life? Does that make us murderders? 

 I do admit that I have also chosen to cause pain to living creatures. Once in Vietnam I tried out a local delicacy of eating snake. Where they farm the snakes, then kill them. You eat their beating heart, bile and blood and then turn the rest into cooked food, including the bone. It was absolutely delicious, one of the best meals I’ve ever had. But my excuse was its a local delicacy, I’m here, so why shouldn’t I try it? It’s just getting to know their culture more. Is that really a valid excuse for killing a living cobra?

  No one in England would imagine doing that to a dog. When I was in Vietnam it was a big thing, all westerners asking how you could do that to a loved pet. But there they only eat the vicious ones who are just seen as meat anyway. Although weirdly many would eat dog and love their own pet dog and not dream of eating it. Oh and a note to anyone that’s been to Vietnam, you have eaten dog. You may not imagine you have but one of our guides said they put it in everything, the juice, the meat, you’ve had it! But my question is why do we accept killing some animals, yet not others? They all have equal rights to life. 

  I admit, I’ve grown up with meat and I’m addicted. I think that killing an animal is normal. Out of sight, out of mind. It’s on my plate and it’s delicious, of course I’ll delve right in! I couldn’t stop eating meat. 

  But I will say the idea of being a vegetarian is extremely admirable. If you are a vegetarian, high five! (Not in a patronising way!) I love that you have that much self control, it’s only something I wish I had. But I could never do. 

  I’m all for eating free range, but right now as I said before I’m in Asia, is there such a thing? Yes all of the meat is organic, but seeing 40 chickens squished into a little container isn’t really a lavish life. Why am I so conditioned into thinking that I can eat that, when I hear about bears living in tight spaces I’m the first to petition? 

 I’m just hoping that one day they make a meat substitute that tastes exactly like meat. I’ve heard it is happening. But then again I’ve also tasted quorn and such and it just doesn’t compare. But I have my fingers crossed! Here’s to a brighter future of less animal abuse!

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