Why I will never go back to working as a waitress! 


We’ve all done it, we’ve all been there. Thinking working here you will get to be social, meeting lots of new faces and laughing a lot. But let me tell you the truth! 

The hours 

If you work full time in a restaurant you don’t have time for a life! You live, sleep and breathe the establishment. (I didn’t mention eat as although you spent 10hours a day here minimum, as you have a break before 6 hours is up you’re not entitled to food!) I’m not even exaggerating. My average day would be a split shift – they are just torture! Who wants to finish work just to wait around until you have to start work again. You get 3 hours off, what can you possibly do between 3-6 on any day! Your friends are all at their 9-5 jobs and quite frankly you’re exhausted. You finished work at 12/1am last night. Then went home to eat dinner and relax. By the time your over worked concentration has worn off its 3am. What a perfect sleep cycle!

 Don’t even get me started on days off! Oh brilliant I have a Monday and Thursday off. Firstly, why can’t you give me days together! I’m exhausted so I’ll probably sleep the first day, but then oh wait I’m back at work again. To be exhausted again by Thursday! 

I tell myself not to worry though as every one I know is busy at work. I can only see them in the evenings, but I can’t drink too much I’ve got work in the morning! (If you’re anything like me, a few beers and you’ll be throwing up all day. Imagine feeling like that and having to serve beer. Trust me, it is not fun!) 

 Work at a bar if you have friends who drink there, that’s great fun! But if you don’t you turn into a recluse. Maintaining relationships when you barely have time to shower, let alone eat (I had an awful routine of one meal a day, as I just couldn’t find time to eat!) whilst working your socks off is impossible! 

Workers with no common sense 

This has to be the most stressful part of my old job. I’m flying around a zillion things to do and remember, yet I find my staff are not pulling their weight. All the pressure leans on me, I can’t get a bad bloody trip advisor! (That’s all business’ care about these days!) 

  Some staff I’ve had just can’t take a simple order. No matter how many times you make them check their order pad, it comes out completely different! There was this one time a guy took an order off of 15 people. He wrote everything down and put it on the till. I made him double check and he said all was hunky dory! Until I took his order pad off of him. How could this be? The order pad and the till show completely different items, how hard is it copying what you’ve written to a screen! Luckily I caught that one, but imagine that on a daily basis. I can’t spot them all. 

This brings me on to my next point. 


So the staff fuck up and I have to deal with it. I put on my sweetest smile, apologise and offer what I believe to be fair compensation. Instead I get spat at and shouted at until I can’t take it anymore! Who do these people think they are? It wasn’t even my fault! 

It’s worse if the chefs fuck up, because they don’t actually care. They don’t have to deal with the tomato faced customer. Yet I get all of the backlash. And no tip for doing absolutely nothing fucking wrong! 

Don’t accept assistant manager!

 Although it may feel great to have a title, one of the worst positions I have ever had was assistant manager. Purely because you do all of the work of the manager and get no credit for it. Well actually they take the credit whilst they’ve been doing sweet fuck all! The worst part of it is that you have to do the training of staff as they’re too lazy. You have to do the cellar management. You have to do everything in their job title and not complain, because they are above you so it’s their duty to delegate! 

Being understaffed 

Nothing is worse than being understaffed. Already you are running around like a headless chicken, whilst your incompetent staff are fucking things up. Which means service will be awful which equals more complaints and less tips. Oh and did I mention your stress levels will be through the roof, purely because the customers just don’t understand what you are dealing with! 

 The worst one I had a restaurant of around 30 customers. My staff member had car trouble, he decided to leave in the middle of a shift to get the AA to tow him somewhere closer to home. I mean seriously? He just walked out. So here I am juggling a workload I just can’t handle on the verge of despair and then wait for it, he doesn’t even get fired! 

 There’s been many other times instances like this that occur but it’s worse when outfront and the kitchen are being bollocked. The chefs shout at me to help them make their food. (The same chefs who once left me alone making 20 taster puddings alone. These are hot deserts, served with hot coffee at the same time! Let’s just say they didn’t get them ‘together’.) 

  To end 

I could literally go on for hours about how my life has been since working in this industry but I’m sure this will give you a glimpse. I have one bit of advice DONT DO IT! Even if you are skint, part time turns into full time = no life. Find something else. Find something that will make you smile everyday instead of making your glow fade away! 

 A note to myself – read this to remind yourself never to go back. Even if I have no money to my name DONT DO IT!

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