No Degree? Where are you going in life

So I’ve noticed recently when I tell people I volunteer I’ve had extremely negative responses. It’s been hurtful considering I’ve helped so many people from all paths of life. 

The main problem people discover is the fact I have not gained a degree. I’m sorry I have not gone to university, unsure of the subject I would chose as it may be irrelevant to my future! I’d rather find my own path in life and than spend thousands working towards something I hope will benefit me in the future. University will always be there, yet before now it never felt like the right time.
Volontourism has made me grow as a person. When I left school I wanted to be a lawyer, had I not travelled and volunteered I wouldn’t have found my true passion in international development, preventing human trafficking and child marriage. Something I knew little about in my sheltered school days! I would’ve felt like my life was unfulfilled as a part of me would be yet undiscovered. 

I have grown as a person so much you would not recognise my old self. I want to help the world fight for equality, not just of women but of countries. We all have a right to life, I just wish sometimes we would help each other more and critisize less. 

I may not have a degree but I have become rich in knowledge and my heart has grown. I’ve become a better person than I ever could wish to be and finally I know what I want to do.

 So I may be 4 years later to discover myself than my peers but if I go to university now I will be sure that what I do will benefit me as it will help me with my dreams. Dreams I wouldn’t have discovered if I had followed the crowd. 

Don’t let anyone get you down. Make your own decisions as only you know what makes you happy! Follow your heart! 

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