Human trafficking poem

The day in Khanom Thailand we spent a few days with two young girls and who we think was their master. 

I see her coming back early in the morning, 

It makes me sick to my stomach to know you’ve sent her out whoring. 

She’s my age so I imagine if it was me, 

How an earth can you sit there happily. 

I watch her smile and she seems so innocent, 

She doesn’t deserve this false imprisonment 

You own her, she’s trapped no where to turn, 

You don’t care the money’s your only concern. 

You walk around in your expensive clothes, 

Sending her into dirty people’s homes.

She just a child and you make her sleep with you too, 

God my only wish was that the authorities knew. 

I wish I could do something to help save her life, 

She’s in so much danger being held captive as your ‘wife’. 
I’ve got no proof no evidence to show, 

So you smile because off to work she can go. 

I can’t imagine the torture she’s been through, 

And I know your other ‘daughter’ has been through it too. 
I want to be able to prevent this, 

How a job where I’m able to put you on a watch list, 

Send you down for the disgusting pimp you are,

Let those women free back into their loving mothers arms. 
I wonder what their family think they are doing, 

Do they have an idea that their daughter is forced into screwing? 

Maybe some sick parents forced it too,

I’ve heard it’s common here to sell your little girl for $300 dollars this is a fact I wish everyone knew! 
I wish everyone would stop being so naive, 

The truth is hard to hear so it’s better to not believe,

Fuck it it’s not these are other people too, 

Do you really think they deserve to walk in these shoes! 
I wish there were more people to stop and put up a fight, 

Fight for these women they do have equal rights! 

Man stand up to man, This shouldn’t be a common practice, 

I don’t understand how you all can just watch and accept this! 
I’ve seen the pimps friends give him disapproving glares, 

Don’t they try and act like they were unaware, 

Why don’t they stand up and show the girls someone cares 

Let’s get these girls protected from their nightmares 
We can’t keep on just letting this happen, 

Come on world,

Come on and make a difference! 
The children deserve to have a childhood 

Instead it’s been robbed and filled with no good! 

Their lives they haven’t managed to live yet, 

Don’t you think they’ve had enough upset. 
If it wasn’t for this language barrier, if we could’ve actually exchanged some words, 

If I had found out they were unhappy 

I’d have moved the world to give them the one they deserve! 

I look back and wish I could’ve done more, 

But what if I falsely accused them id have been done for! 

It’s inspired me to help people in the future like them, 

Become their voice and saviour and get a better outcome.

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