Baby orphanage

My heart sank as I entered the cold room, beneath me there were around 10 babies in baby seats, few toddlers and a teenager in a cot.
It deemed on me, these children have all been abandoned! Some left on the streets and some taken away for safety. All of these babies were unwanted, their gorgeous faces, rejected by their mothers.
Being the optimist I am i conjured up my thoughts positively. How great is it that these children have been rescued! They’ve survived and hopefully some will be adopted! The adoption process is difficult as the requirements are; to be a Muslim and to speak Arabic, but you can be from any country. Most of these children are special needs so the hope in adoption is, sadly, extremely low. But at least they are getting good care!

The one thing that broke my heart was the teenage girl, she was 14 years of age and living in what to me looked like a cage. She sat in there with the babies, watching the babies get endless attention and her getting nothing. We were told not to go near her as her strength is so Incredible that she won’t let go. But George went over and gave her a hug and after around 20 minutes the co ordinater physically had to pull her off of him! It was heartbreaking as I’m sure she was so pleased she had attention that she never wanted it to end! Sadly, she only has a few years left to live and it’s so upsetting knowing her future years will be spent in the same cage.

The children all stay inside, yet the weather outside is beautiful, only once in the 6months a volunteer had been there were they allowed outside, and I couldn’t be happier that I was present on that day! Must have been so good for them getting vitamin D!

One day whilst we were there a child was being adopted, the atmosphere was incredible! All of the nurses were bright and cheerful yet sad to be saying goodbye. That child now has a new life, which I hope that each child in the orphanage one day has the same chance.



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