Chimwale secondary school

I decided to go to a local secondary girls boarding school to discover how different their lives are there, compared to the boarding/day school I went to. 

As we walked through the gates hundreds of girls swarmed us and dragged us off individually to sit with different groups of people, so they shared the ‘Mzungu’s’. I found the girls to be of a similar age to me so comparing our lives was amazing. I discovered they have to wake up everyday at 5am to study before school at 6am, the school day then finishes at 3:30. Every single girl had such big dreams “I want to be a lawyer!”

“Me, a nurse” 

Were phrases I often heard. 

After minutes of sitting down a bubbly girl came unto me and said “I am a very good dancer!” So my response was, “Really? Show me how you dance!” This I soon realised was a mistake as she had grabbed me and in seconds the girls had formed a huge circle around us, I had just got myself into a dance off! This girl literally started thrusting away at me and slut dropping, I didn’t know what to do, dancing here is so provocative. 

Another girl then asked to sing for me, she grabbed a friend and they sang a beautiful duet. I just love how they want to impress you and show off their skills. 

It was then time for their dinner, as hospitable as ever they gave me a massive bowl of beans, as they had assumed I don’t like nsima. I declined it as I knew that was one of the girls food and they had to eat! But they assured me they had no appetite and didn’t often eat. It made me wonder, do eating disorders common here? They then turned it into a sharing bowl, which actually went untouched. 

I was then invited to see their dorm rooms, which were down a huge corridor with only sheets as doors. The rooms all had two bunk beds in, so slept 4 girls. I sat down and they piled treats on me, soho (squash) and chips. Again I refused, as this was something these girls would’ve saved up for ages to buy but they didn’t take it well. “When we come to England and visit you, we will not take anything you offer us then!”

It was then time to leave, but not before getting asked to stay for a sleepover and the girls coming up with ways so I could get a job there to stay longer! 


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