Local lunch

I went to my njinga drivers (Lawrence) for lunch and was treated like absolute royalty!

Lawrence lives next door to his whole family, it was here I met his paralysed uncle, who lay outside all day. Lawrence is the only family member strong enough to lift his uncle, to take him to places like the bathroom, so when he is out working his uncle has no other choice! It made me very sad to see how they have no help, we really take for granted what we are offered in England. 

We ventured into the house and ate alone. We started off by washing our hands and then said a prayer before digging in. There before me was a feast, enough for an army, rice, nsima, egg and tomatoes, pumpkin leaves and peas. I could not believe how much they were treating me, at this time of year most people are starving yet they’ve managed to prepare such luxurious foods! Lawrence kept repeating “This is just for us, we need to finish, my wife has made this for us two!” I felt so bad as there was enough food left in front of us to feed me for a whole week, I just couldn’t squeeze it in! 

At one point his wife entered with his mum in law, but not before knocking and being given permission from Lawrence to walk inside and then bowed before me to shake my hand. I couldn’t imagine having to ask permission from the man of the house to do such ‘normal’ things. 


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