Hayo school

I was assigned a school called Hayo, I was put here as this is where I had previously gone to traditional dance so I had met one of the teachers.

Walking in I had never felt so welcome anywhere is my whole life as the children all ran over to be and started high fiving me and then sang me the same welcome song as the orphans did.

We teach nursery class 8:30 – 10:45. We only have class until around 9:30/10:00 and then break time until we have phala. This is maize flour and water with added sugar, it is cooked differently to Nsima as it looked like porridge. The charity provide this for all of morning class and the teachers. For some, this is their only meal of the day so this encourages them to attend school.

Morning school consists of teaching the alphabet, colours and numbers followed usually by educational games in break time. When we play the games villagers often walk past and looked so pleased with how the children look!

Afternoon school is from 2:30 – 4:00, it is optional as it is for the older children as they attend government schooling in the morning, if they can afford it. We split this class into different standards and teach them different things.It is more serious as we teach Maths; decimals, fractions, significant figures, English; Plurals, tenses and Lifeskills where a volunteer has made a first aid plan to do this term.

The school does not have a uniform, you can wear what you like. Many wear pj tops, some boys wear girls clothes and most of the clothes are ripped and extremely dirty! Some are unfortunate as the rips are in the groin area so you cant hide anything!

The teachers bring their babies to class and even breastfeed them whilst teaching and then lay them on the floor to teach!

In both classes if anyone get’s a question right the whole class sing “Well done, well done, sure, keep it up!” It is so encouraging!

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