Arriving in Malawi

We landed next to a building which was the size of my garden shed, this couldn’t be the airport could it?

We stepped in and straight away I headed to the bathroom. I found the floor covered in water, all of the doors off of their hinges, the locks pulled off, the toilets broken and to top it off ants crawling everywhere. It was safe to say I had landed in Africa!

But soon after I was greeted with the widest smile and warmest hug off of Fiona, a friend I had met in Kenya who was taking me to the village. We hopped in the taxi and passed acres of lush greenery with a healthy amount of maize in. Fiona explained “Look at all the green, it looks so beautiful. It is good you have come in rainy season as this not long ago was all brown. There is going to be a good harvest!” It all look very familiar, the dust roads and the beaten down shops reminded me of Kenya!

We drove through many little villages to get to our one,  I couldn’t quite believe how humongous it was!  As we drove down everyone smiled and waved and shouted “Bo”  to us, which is Malawian for hello. We stopped at the orphanage, which is where our volunteer house is, as soon as the little girls saw a glimpse of me they ran up to me and gave me welcoming hugs!

It was then time for food at the coordinators house of shepherds pie, it tasted divine which it should after taking three hours to make. The rains then started so we took shelter roasting marshmallows on the fire until it cleared enough to slide home. I was so surprised we were able to eat such luxurious foods!

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