A day of new beginnings

Fiona shouted for me to come outside, so I ran out and was greeted by a song

“Welcome, welcome, we are happy to receive you!”  by the orphans, they then introduced themselves repeatedly whilst showing off their dance moves!

I then was allowed my first shower. I was so surprised they had a real shower, although it was in a room with no door! It felt so refreshing as the ice cold water hit my skin, even with the million mosquito’s buzzing around me! I then went to brush my teeth at the outside tap, to find the orphans doing their washing. They saw me with my toothbrush and dashed inside to retrieve theirs! They came out pointing at their toothpaste saying “Colgate” and then brushed away in time with me.

Our first trip today was to the hospital as one of the volunteers had a bad foot. So I was to take my first njinga ride, which is basically getting a backy on a push bike! It was a nice bumpy ride, but luckily unlike some I managed my first ride without falling off! As we rode through the villages we were greeted with the same warm smiles and many shouted “What is your name?” to me, so they can get to know the new azungu!

We took a stop at Mama and Papa’s where we bought some samosas for the equivalent of 5p each. The woman who was cooking was sat inside a smoke filled kitchen peeling potato’s, ready to make more samosas! They tasted much better than I had anticipated!

The hospital had crowds of people lounging around in, many filled the walls and floors sleeping. I people watched and imagined what their lives to be like; there was one Mother and Daughter wearing the same outfit! Nikki was told to stand on some scales in the middle of the waiting room, whilst we sat on the benches opposite. There was a hanging rope right next to Nikki’s head and we realised that was used to weigh babies! We studied the area and realised that one of the wooden panels was not even attached to the floor, so it did nothing to keep up the building, like it had been intended to! Nikki then came back with a yellow hospital booklet on page 8, how dangerous was Tikondwe?

We took a trip to Emma’s to help her with her washing, she did her’s in big buckets outside and rubbed her hands together on the items. On the way back we stopped to greet some little boys, they showed us how they had bent plastic to make electric fans!They were also blowing up condoms and popping them like balloons!

As we returned the orphans ran up and hugged us so I stayed out and played a game called “Nuke, Nuke, Nuko” with them, which sadly they kept making me win! I felt so bad though, as it meant I had to chose people to get out, all the girls pretended to cry when I did so!

Traveling to the shop to get some tomato’s I got given a friendship letter, it asked me to approve a friendship!

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